Stop For My School Bus...Or Else: The Misadventures of One School Bus Driver

The optimal way to summarize the book is to introduce you to the characters that inhabit the book. First, meet the mom who drops off her daughter at the bus stop, watches her adorable Hayley get on the bus and then follows right behind the bus in her Benz. Then, one of the most heinous criminals of all time drives right past the school bus even though the red lights are flashing and the students are crossing the street to board the bus.A Grisham courtroom drama pales in comparison to the court case that results from these traffic violations. Journey into the dark world of the Department of Motor Vehicles where bus drivers take their written test while oppressed government workers actively cheer for their swift and ignominious failure.After bureaucratic hell, we navigate the maze of the school bus seating chart where parents' petty disputes make a stable seating chart as difficult as deciphering your monthly cable bill.There's even a history of the school bus that is short enough to ensure that your sleep is officially classified as a micro-nap.The cast of characters also includes a cursing kindergarten student with an angelic face and the tongue of the devil, fruitcakes received as Christmas gifts that have a half-life greater than Uranium-235 and a tooth fairy whose financial outlays to children ranges from Trumpian extravagance to Scroogelike parsimony. This book makes seemingly random left and right turns to investigate how commuters risk serious injury to get past a school bus; how parents have their own time-space continuum with regard to bus pickup schedules; and how some students learn valuable life lessons on the bus ride to or from school.This trip to learn about the noble school bus includes detours into humor, sarcasm, irony, tragedy, and even redemption, but the book never veers from its journey into the dystopian world of the school bus driver where true is false, to be on time is to be late and all students should be classified as gifted. (ALL STUDENT, TEACHER, PARENT AND DRIVER NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT PRIVACY.)

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Book Title: Stop For My School Bus...Or Else: The Misadventures of One School Bus Driver

Book Author: Frank Racioppi

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