Motorcycle Porn: Portraits and Stories

Motorcycle Porn: Portraits and Stories is a book of prime motorcycle images taken by Frank J. Bott who works in Tooele, Utah. Frank is an aficionado of both photography and motorcycles. His photographs of the machines are extraordinary. The images were taken using a large cyclarama with lighting from a gigantic softbox allowing the light to wrap around these spectacular machines. This amazing collection of images––an extensive project of Franks J. Bott to document these unique bikes––contains a considerable assortment of motorcycles from the skillfully customized and hand built to the painstakingly restored to the historically significant vintage to the best-of-the-best. Each has a set of photographic portraits, including fine details, that tells its unique story. These stories are include the motorcycle's history, customizing or restoring, engineering, beauty, or rider experiences. Motorcycles represented are Ducati, Yamaha, Triumph, Harley, and Honda to name a few. This is a book for riders, owners, dreamers, mechanics, collectors, and all enthusiasts of motorcycles -- Frank J. Bott

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Book Title: Motorcycle Porn: Portraits and Stories

Book Author: Frank J. Bott

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ISBN: 1682033066