Megatokyo Omnibus Volume 2

Fred Gallagher's popular, long-running Megatokyo series celebrates over fifteen years of successful web and print publication with a second massive Megatokyo Omnibus edition and a return to Dark Horse Comics! Featuring the next three volumes of Fred Gallagher's otaku-gamer fantasy epic, Megatokyo Omnibus Volume 2 will also add new content- available only in this omnibus edition! Join obsessed Otaku Piro and his hardcore 133t h4x0rm4573r gamer friend, Largo, on their chaotic adventures in Tokyo from their unique - and dramatically different - points of view.Collects Megatokyo Volumes 4-6!"Megatokyo is a delightful and imaginative work of American manga."-Publisher's Weekly"The real charm of Megatokyo lies in the artwork . . . a style that feels light and airy, and allows for great detail."-Animerica"The pleasure of a story like Megatokyo comes not in its novelistic coherence, but in its loose ranginess . . . as it literally outgrows its borders into a lushly penciled full page, the story maturing into the exuberant, addictive soap operatics of the manga that inspired it."-The New York Times"Unlike many American 'manga' creators, Gallagher understands that creating 'manga' involves more than just aping an art style. Megatokyo is filled with quirky, interesting characters and the kind of loopy humor that makes Love Hina and Slayers so popular."-ICV2.com"Gallagher is the fastest-rising star on the American manga scene."-Library Journal

Book Details

Book Title: Megatokyo Omnibus Volume 2

Book Author: Fred Gallagher

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1506701884