French Verb Drills Mega Bundle

Learn the different conjugations of the highly useful verb avoir, dire, être, faire, finir, manger, pouvoir, savoir, venir, voir, and vouloir without memorizing anything. Using repetition exercises designed to build your reflexes, the drills will help you develop an instinct to select the correct verb form naturally, with no more hesitations. Pronounce French Verbs the Right Way The drills are narrated by a French speaker and guaranteed to help you learn and practice correct pronunciation - as it is spoken today. Highly Convenient and Effective Each drill is five- to six-minutes long and is very easy to do. You can listen to the drills practically anywhere - in your commute, while driving or running, or during any free time you have. The tenses covered include the affirmative, negative, and interrogative forms of: Présent de l'indicatif Passé composé Imparfait Futur de l'indicatif Futur antérieur Conditionnel présent Présent du subjonctif Tenses that are barely used in actual speech such as passé simple and plus que parfait are not included in the drills so you could focus on the essentials.

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Book Title: French Verb Drills Mega Bundle

Book Author: Frederic Bibard,Talk in French

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