Handbook of Space Law (Research Handbooks in International Law series)

'If you want to own only one book on space law the newly published Handbook of Space Law, edited by Professor Frans von der Dunk, is it!'- Air and Space Law 'Professor Frans von der Dunk has never been threatened by modesty. Most striking is, however, that he always follows words with deeds. It is true for this Handbook of Space Law, which is indeed a particular accomplishment.'- Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Head of the ESA Policies Department, European Space Agency (ESA)'It really is a fantastic book analyzing all the relevant matters.'- Sagi Kfir, General Counsel, Deep Space Industries'[A] defining compendium in the space law lexicon.'- Sam Peterson, Operations Manager, European Space Agency (ESA)The Handbook of Space Law addresses the legal and regulatory aspects of activities in outer space and major space applications from a comprehensive and structured perspective. It fundamentally addresses the dichotomy between the state-oriented character of international space law and the increasing commercialization and privatization of space activities. The book focuses on international space law in the broadest sense of the word, not only including the UN-based space treaties and international customary (space) law, but also the many specialized regimes such as those applicable to the international satellite organizations, the International Space Station, the international trade and the security-sensitive aspects of space technology exports, the financing of space ventures and environmental concerns. The novelty of this holistic approach to space law notably includes the profound and ever-increasing commercialization of space activities and the attendant involvement of the private sector in such activities. This authoritative book thus presents a unique standard work of reference for anyone interested in studying or researching the legal and regulatory aspects of space activities and their major applications in depth. Offering the most comprehensive and holistic analysis on legal and regulatory aspects of space activities and major space applications to date this Handbook will be of particular interest to students in space law higher education, public international law, researchers (including JSD and PhD students) of space law and practitioners in the major sectors of space activities.Contributors: C. Doldirina, C. Gaubert, P. Jankowitsch, I. Marboe, R.L. Schweickart, C. Sharpe, L.J. Smith, M. Sundahl, F. Tronchetti, P. van Fenema, L. Viikari, F. von der Dunk, M. Williams

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Book Title: Handbook of Space Law (Research Handbooks in International Law series)

Book Author: Frans Von Der Dunk

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ISBN: 1784713635